Office building Rudeš

    The location of the submitted competition entry entails the building plots number k.c.5783/3 and k.c. 5754/5 k.o. Vrapče. There are no existing objects nor high greenery on the location according to GUP, there are no protected cultural goods nor protected natural resources. In regards to the requirements set in the call for entries, this space is a space of special municipal interest.

    An ongoing transformation of Ljubljanska avenija points at the accentuated importance of this location in a sense that it will become a symbol of a place by which this city will differentiate itself from other cities. Beside the fact that it will be a landmark, this project is of a great importance for the corporative image of the two investing companies. Contemporary approach to commercial building reveals a trend of using architecture to present the brands and the quality, as well as the company’s strengths and financial power, values and functional ranges of management. Thus, the primary role of architecture is not to present the power of a company, but to show its distinctiveness and developmental goals. Corporate design displays how open, progressive and modern a company is. An attempt to answer to challenges mentioned at the beginning was offered in form of a business block dominated by two high bulks tangled in a seemingly accidental net of steel trusses. This constructive net is at the same time an element of expression allowing space to free itself from restrictive elements of construction. The concept enables every spatial idea to develop within the limits of the membrane, as displayed in the graphic display

    Rudeš, Zagreb
    Andrija Rusan
    gross floor area
    75 222 m2