Čikat bay

    The project of the coast reconstruction follows the adaptation and renovation of the Čikat bay as a tourist destination that started in 2014 with the reconstruction of the Hotel Bellevue. The project consists of the reconstruction of the beach in front of Villa Hortenzija and Hotel Bellevue that were treated as one unit and of Vila Mirasol and Alhambra that were treated as the second unit. The beaches are connected by a pedestrian walkway.

    Čikat Bay is a part of the protected Čikat forest, which is a unique ecosystem created by human intervention. The reconstruction of the beach required meeting the conditions of conservation of the Austro-Hungarian terrace, the vaulted niches and and moles. It was also necessary to preserve the existing plant species and the hundred year old pine trees.

    The walkway is paved with prefabricated concrete panels of an irregular shape and with incorporated floor lightning. The main axis of the Hotel Bellevue was elongated over the walkway up until the quay that lowers down towards the sea, it enables a direct contact with the water. The quay is an enlargement of walkway that functions as a multifunctional public space.

    Sunbathing spaces are designed in two levels, with traditional materials like local stone combined with white concrete. In order to enable the privacy of the bathers and to separate the beach from the walking route, a green area was designed inbetween within which the niches that house the accompanying beach facilities were formed. Every beach is equipped with cabins and showers. All the facilities on the beaches were made out of local stone and with a green roof.

    Mali Lošinj, Croatia
    Andrija Rusan & autorska grupa: Juraj Luetić, Lana Petrak, Lana Trobentar Šimunić
    Juraj Luetić, Kristina Bartolić, Bruno Krunić, Jelena Vujasinović, Nikolina Mikuličić, Tamara Vidović, Petra Franić, Darko Novak
    gross floor area
    6 725 m²
    Jadranka d.o.o.