Apartment K

    The triangular zone of the city shaped by the streets Radnička, Heinzelova and Branimirova is one of the areas within the urban net that has been intensively transformed. The objective of this undertaking is the enlargement and interior adaptation of a penthouse on one of the most prestigious locations in the aforementioned zone. There is a shopping center on the ground floor with an underground garage from which an elevator leads to the entrance of the penthouse on the penultimate level. Spacious, partly rebuilt apartment is enclosed on three sides by a roof terrace to which almost all rooms in the flat have a direct access.

    The basic structure of the building is an orthogonal support system, and the new intervention is marked by a sloping deflection of partition walls. The accentuated inserting is present in the section, where the breakage of the lowered ceiling and the leveling of the raised floor have the function of lodging necessary utilities. The plan is elongated. Along the basic axis, different zones of habitation are organized, ending with the private living spaces. The wellness zone is a transitional space that connects the private parts of the apartment with the daily habitation ones.

    The design concept is characterized by fragmentation discernable in the net of leather wall panels, wooden panels clothed in the walnut tree, ceiling alabaster collages, stone floor paneling and the emphasized rhythm of dilatation in terrazzo. Precious stones are highlighted by contrast. The prevailing coloring is achromatic: in addition to black and white, a neutral range of natural colors of wood and stone is used. Black and white form a background to the expressivity of the specific spatial accents in the basic colors of the spectrum.

    Zagreb, Croatia
    Andrija Rusan
    authorial collaboration
    Darija Krivak
    Nikolina Mikuličić
    Mirjam Milić
    gross floor area
    331 m²